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Both ON & OFF The Court

UNISON Sports & Entertainment

Is more than a sports agency, it is a place where you will have a strong team dedicated to providing you with superior service throughout your career. Our focus is to ensure our clients are successful both on and off the court while preparing them for life beyond sports.



Unison Sports & Entertainment is more than a sports agency, we at USE are a strong team of indivuals that provides you with a personalized approached while preparing you for life beyond sports. USE's sole purpose is to help our clients in reaching their maximum potential spiritually, mentally, professionally, personally and financially. Our clients experience superb management services, as well as unprecedented exposure to industry and corporate contacts, to ensure success and financial prosperity. ​


USE's hands-on style approach to servicing our clients helps develop each client's brand identity and maximizes their earning potential through strategic marketing, public relations and community outreach campaigns. We are small by design to ensure that each client receives personal support to ensure that we make our players apart of our family. Our clients rely on our experience, strategy, candor and counsel to maximize their marketing power. They would be the first to tell you we're different; different in how intensely we listen to them, how passionately we advocate for them, how creatively we construct deals around them and how seamlessly we work as a team with them.




As agents, brand marketers and career planners, we are committed to supporting our clients; ensuring their potential is fulfilled both on and off the court. We consult with basketball clubs to promote clients with goals of enhancing market value while working diligently to ensure every client need is met both on and off the court.


An athlete's primary and most important source of income is his or her playing contract. We negotiate the highest contract possible all while ensuring our clients are protected in all aspects of the contract agreements. USE have found competitive, stable and financially-lucrative environments for clients in several countries including Turkey, Italy , France, Portugal, Israel, Germany & Spain. We also have build & maintained strong relationships with leading personnel in multiple international markets and NBA G League clubs.


USE utilizes a comprehensive approach tailored specifically to each athlete's personality when creating a marketing strategy. USE is dedicated to helping players connect with fans through diverse channels to maximize publicity, brand equity, and reach. We marketing the client's name, likeness and abilities on local, national, regional and/or international basis.



From performance training resources, to off-season programs and support, we provide our players with tools to take their game to the next level. We want to ensure that our players a developing their game on the court as well as their life off the court. Each day presents a new opportunity to strengthen our weaknesses.


Counsel clients on establishing foundations, determining their best opportunites for giving, developing fundraising programs and identifying strategic alliances with other well-established charities. We establish community initiatives such as non-profit foundations, business alliances and programs that are relevant to the causes that interests our clients. We at USE live by the motto, " Each one, Reach one and when you Reach one, Teach one."


It is never too early to start building your legacy, so our goal is to act as business partners for our clients to help them build a legacy that will last beyond sports. Successful branding begins with creative and pro-active public relations, therefore we want to ensure that we build a strong and solid brand tailored for our clients to ensure that he or she is well positioned for life after sports.


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Justin Ricks, or “J Ricks” as he is known, is a native of Monroe, LA who has been involved with sports most his life. With sports being a passion, he extended his experience with his FIBA Certifications as well as a Masters in Sports Administration from Grambling State University. Upon completion of his Master’s, he secured a job as an Account Executive for the Memphis Grizzlies. His time with the Grizzlies gave him an up-close look at how agents interact with clients which were the turning point for his career. After the Grizzlies, Justin had a brief stint with the Washington Nationals Baseball Club (MLB) in the same capacity.  


Justin is also Co-Founder and President of H.O.P.E. for All service based organization which focuses efforts on helping under-served youth with excelling into society. He is well adept at preparing you for your sports career and has the ambition to attain the knowledge, skills, and experience needed for a successful professional athlete. He will do whatever possible to represent your interests and help you achieve your goals as not only a sports professional, but also your life after sports as well. Justin takes a fully integrated approach to his clients’ wealth, personal life, career, and post-career challenges with the goal to simplify and enhance your life.





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